Installation Voltswheel in Sofia Park

22 Jul 2016
"Residential Park Sofia" EOOD received a Permission for use for Phase 3 "V" of Sofia Park
17 Apr 2024
"Residential Park Sofia" EOOD received a Permission for use for Phase 3 "V" of Sofia Park
Participation in the Sofia Marathon
10 Oct 2022
Тhis year again employees and children from the team of "Residential Park Sofia" EOOD participated in the Sofia Marathon!
The construction of Phase 3
6 Oct 2022
The construction of Phase 3 "V" of residential complex Sofia Park is advancing
Sofia Marathon 2021
11 Oct 2021
Sofia Marathon 2021
Groundbreaking ceremony of Phase 3C of Sofia Park
15 Jun 2021
On June 15, 2021 was the Groundbreaking ceremony of Phase 3C of Sofia Park.
Phase 3B put into exploitation
13 Jan 2021
Residential Park Sofia EOOD successfully put into operation Phase 3B.
Residential Park Sofia ЕООD participated in the Marathon of Sofia
15 Oct 2018
A wonderful day was this year's Marathon of Sofia! Lots of sun, smiles and mostly running! Residential Park Sofia had a great team of residents of the complex and employees of the company! We would like to thank to all of them for their participation, the successful final and the positive emotions!
Residential Park Sofia EOOD started Phase 3B of the complex
11 Oct 2018
On October 11, 2018 was the Groundbreaking of Phase 3B of Residential Park Sofia. In the company of our project partners we started the construction of 7 row and 8 multifamily houses.
Residential Park Sofia, Phase 2, awarded in the contest Building of the year
18 Dec 2017
On December 14, 2017, was held the award ceremony of the national competition "Building of the year 2017" . Once in 2010, Residential Park Sofia - the first and then only one of its kind residential complex in Bulgaria, was awarded in the "Building of the year" competition, and now 7 years later with the expansion of the complex and the realization of Phase 2, Residential Park Sofia EOOD received the award in the category "Residential complexes with multifamily houses".
Residential Park Sofia EOOD started Phase 3 of the project
26 Jan 2017
Installation Voltswheel in Sofia Park
22 Jul 2016
Installation Voltswheel in Sofia Park
Residential Park Sofia – a host of the Bavarian evening of GBCIC
31 May 2016
Over 100 representatives of company members of the German - Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (GBCIC) were presented at the Bavarian night at 30th of May, 2016, organized by the Chamber and the Bavarian representation in Bulgaria in Residential Park Sofia. Honorable guest of the event was the President of Republic of Bulgaria – Mr. Rosen Plevneliev. In his speech the President emphasized that Residential Park Sofia is a clear evidence for Bavarian-Bulgarian cooperation:“Together we can achieve much more for Bulgaria and for Europe”.
Panorama Sofia awarded in the contest Building of the year
10 Dec 2015
“Panorama Sofia” - a project of the Lindner Group was awarded in category “Buildings with elements of green architecture” of the national contest “BUILDING OF THE YEAR”. The official award ceremony was held on 9th of December 2015. The contest is the most prestigious award winning event in the field of investments, architecture and construction in Bulgaria. “Panorama Sofia” was also nominated in “Residential buildings” category.
Panorama Sofia participate in the contest “Building of the Year”
24 Nov 2015
“Panorama Sofia” - a project of “Residential Park Sofia” EOOD participate in “Building of the Year” national contest, nominated in categories “Residential buildings” and “Buildings with elements of green architecture”. The contest is the most prestigious award winning event in the field of investments, architecture and construction in Bulgaria. The contest is organized by THE CITY Media Group.
Residential Park Sofia EOOD started Phase 2 of the project
14 Jul 2015
“Residential Park Sofia” EOOD started the construction of Phase 2 of the project. On 02.06.2015 was the Groundbreaking on the site where Mr. Georgi Ranchev, General Manager of “Residential Park Sofia” EOOD and Mr. Werner Hoffmann, General Manager of “Lindner Bulgaria” EOOD officially marked the start of the construction works. The event was attended by representatives of the designers: “Skica” EOOD and “Steven Leach Associates Bulgaria” OOD and the construction supervision company “Consulting Engineering Group” OOD (CEG).
Residential Park Sofia EOOD — sponsor of Ski Club Green Road
2 Apr 2015
"Residential Park Sofia" EOOD has the pleasure to become a sponsor of Ski Club Green Road - The future Bulgarian Ski Champions!
New access rules to the parking in Commercial area of Residential Park Sofia
12 Mar 2014
Residential Park Sofia imposes new access rules for the parking in Commercial area into the complex from 21.03.2014. For more information click here
Residential Park Sofia’s News
11 Oct 2013
Dear residents of Residential Park Sofia, don’t miss the new issue of Residential Park Sofia’s news. You can find it here and on our Facebook
Residential Park Sofia celebrated The children's day
13 Jun 2013
On the 1st of June 2013, Residential Park Sofia traditionally brought together all the children of the complex to celebrate Children's Day and Drawing Day.
Official statement of the management of Residential Park Sofia EOOD
7 Jun 2013
Regarding the information distributed in the media, that a robbery was committed in the home of Mr. Rumen Plevneliev on the 4th of June 2013, the management of the complex issues the following disclaimer:
Dental center St. Antipa in Sofia Park is now open!
21 Dec 2012
Dr. Vyara Popova’s new Dental Centre St. Antipa is now open and you can visit it in Building 16D of the Commercial area in residential complex Sofia Park Visit. The center also employs Dr. Gamev - surgeon and Dr. Talalaeva - children dentist.
Bus line to Sofia Park
5 Sep 2012
Dear residents and employees of residential complex Sofia Park, we would like to inform you that as of 01.09.2012 a new bus line № 314 of the Public Transport has been opened to provide transport coverage of Sofia Park.
ATM in Sofia Park
19 Mar 2012
We are very happy to announce that residential complex Sofia Park already has an available ATM from UniCredit Bulbank. The device is installed in the Commercial area, bl. 16D, next to the Post office.
A Post Office opened doors in Sofia Park
31 Oct 2011
Today, 31st October 2011, Post Office 1766 opened doors in residential complex Sofia Park. The office is located in Building 16D of the commercial area and will operate every weekday from 8.00h. to 12.00h. and from 13.00h. to 17.00h. The Post Office will serve all residents and employees in the complex. The new mailboxes can be found in front of the Post Office and at the entrance of the complex. In case you can find the station under 02/877 50 33.
Drawing day 2011 in Residential Park Sofia
7 Jun 2011
On 04.06.2011, Residential Park Sofia marked the International drawing day for second consecutive year. The little painters drew with great enthusiasm on the asphalt and on the recycled paper we provided, by which we traditionally supported the protection of the natural environment. The parents were also very active, both in drawing and playing different games. There were many awards and surprises for everyone.
Residential Park Sofia - honored in the competition Building of the year 2010
20 Dec 2010
It is our pleasure to announce, that Residential Park Sofia, with administrative name residential complex Sofia Park, was honored in the most prestigious architectural competition in Bulgaria – “Building of the Year”, in the category Residential Buildings. The award ceremony took place on 16.12.2010g. in the Kempinski Hotel Zografski.
Residential Parks Sofia participates in Building of the Year Contest
1 Dec 2010
We are pleased to announce you that Residential Park Sofia participates in Building of the Year Contest in the category “Residential Buildings”. The winners of this well-known contest will be selected by previously formed jury and will be announced at a special ceremony on 16 December, 2010.
The construction of Building H from the Commercial area has started
16 Aug 2010
After issuing the Construction permit on 12.07.2010g, our team has begun work on the construction of another building, part of neighborhood 16 – Commercial Area of the complex Residential Park Sofia. Building H, intended as a place where the residents of the complex can indulge in relaxation and recreation, will have an indoor pool with an area of 883m2, sauna, fitness center and more.
The Commercial Area in Residential Park Sofia with a permission for use for Buildings A, C and E
29 Jun 2010
On the 18th of June 2010 Residential Park Sofia received the Permission to use for buildings A, C and E in neighborhood 16. That launched the Commercial Area, which promise to become an attractive destination with great development potential. The administrative address of the buildings is Block 16A, Block 16B and Block 16V.
Resiential Park Sofia marked Drawing Day in an appropriate way
7 Jun 2010
On the 5th of June residential complex Sofia Park opened its new playground. We also supported the international Drawing Day by making children and parents alike draw with chalks and pencils.
Party in Residential Park Sofia
31 May 2010
Communication Services, provided by VIVAcom
16 Feb 2010
As from the 19th of January 2010, the residents of residential complex Sofia Park could take advantage of the communication services, provided by our newest partner VIVAcom. The offer includes preferential prices for Broadband Internet and landline with included free of charge minutes in the fixed VIVAcom network and for international calls.
Act 16 for the first finished neighborhoods
8 Jun 2009
Оn the June 6th 2009, with a cheerful Garden Party, Residential Park Sofia marked the Day of the child and also celebrated the issuing of ACT 16 for the first three finished neighborhoods – 11, 12 and 13. The double occasion took place at the well maintained green areas of neighborhood 11. The children enjoyed the outdoors racing with roller-skates, bicycles and skateboards in the wide and play-safe alleys among the neighborhoods.
The first Community Christmas of Residential Park Sofia
14 Jan 2009
The date is 17 December 2008, the time around 5 p.m. The place of the event is Princess Outlet Center. The atmosphere swells with friendliness, impatience and burning curiosity. Why this?
The first finished quarter in the complex
20 Aug 2008
It is happy news for the newly accommodated owners that the first quarter of Residential Park Sofia - quarter 11, is expected to be entirely completed and planted in short terms of period. At the moment final touches are being put to the design of the inner yards, adjoining to the row houses in the neighborhood. The irrigation system has been put. The streets in quarter 11 are entirely paved with asphalt and the street lighting has been installed.